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If you are involved in traffic accident that involves injuries, death, or material damage to vehicles, do not move your vehicle until the police give you permission.

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European and western girls like to make relationship with Asian and Arab men.

Are you an Expatriate Single in The Netherlands looking for True Love?

Every day more people join us with the hope to find partners and they do find partners on our site.

Those members have plans to come as a visitor to Oman.

If she is from a conservative family, then forget it. Usually, children follow their father’s religion, which is the main reason for this inflexibility for Muslim females.

Other than that, Islam does not care where you are from or what ancestry background you have.

We have thousands of members from America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Canada and Europe who are looking for boy friends and partners in Muscat and Oman.

Just Simply fill out the search form and see how many people are looking for partners in Oman. We are the best dating site for women seeking men in Muscat - Oman and men seeking women in Muscat - Oman. We are joined by more than 3000 members every month from Muscat, Oman, Arabian Gulf and other countries.

Expats will find the cost of living in Oman more reasonable than that of many of the neighbouring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and income is tax-free.

Prices are highest in Muscat, but although costs can be less outside of the city, choice is also more limited.

As requested, today I will talk about the conditions of a non-Omani marrying an Omani.

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