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were investigated in in-vitro produced bovine embryos.

Transcripts of these genes were assayed by RT–PCR in pools of pre-compaction stage embryos and sexed pools of morulae and blastocysts.

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G6PD is the rate-limiting enzyme for PPP activity, which has been reported to be four times greater in female than male bovine blastocysts (Tiffin ., 2001).

Female and male mammals, by virtue of their sex chromosome make-up, differ in the complement and number of copies of genes on the sex chromosomes.

The expression of was also significantly higher in female than in male blastocysts.

These results show sexually dimorphic expression of sex chromosome linked genes prior to the blastocyst stage in in-vitro produced bovine embryos.., 1989; Lonergan, 1994; Holm and Callesen, 1998).

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It has been suggested that embryo survival may be related to the embryo’s ability to maintain cellular homeostasis and respond to its environment (Betts and King, 2001; Edwards ., 1981) that are important for metabolism and contribute to the detoxification of reactive oxygen species (ROS) through their participation in the pentose-phosphate pathway (PPP) (Rieger, 1992; Iwata ., 2000).

The PPP is important for embryo metabolism in generating reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADP) for the synthesis of lipids and other complex molecules, including ribose-5-phosphate, which itself is the precursor of all the nucleotides (Rieger, 1992).

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