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Here is my code snippet: , We get the "leads" array via AJAX call on page load, which returns simple JSON.I understand that I can loop through all array records and use javascript Date() object to create any format I need, but it will require me to do an extra unnecessary loop on returned array of records, which can be in thousands, just to format the date before displaying it. You should consider dealing with functions in which you will do your formatting because Vue can't natively format date.What is a straight forward way to work with dates to display them formatted at the time when table is created, to avoid extra loops. However, I think that Moment JS could help you in this case, and it's fully compatible with Vue. There are great libs to do that, the most popular one be is called moment js. For v1, I had overridden String, so that I could just put , and it would print the formatted date which worked great.

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Hello, We receive an array of objects and each object has ISO standard date like "2016-11-15T.928Z".

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