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This allowed the very rare "KW30 SCSI kit" upgrade to be fitted.The KW30 gave the W-30 the ability to behave as a SCSI Master device, and drive SCSI hard drives and CD-ROM players through a standard 25-pin SCSI cable.

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Regarding Amiga floppy disks, it's impossible to create them from a PC because their format is totally incompatible with the PC controllers.

Anyway the tiredness of the floppy disk drive, the decline of floppy disks and their close disappearance required a fall-back solution to be able to use these computers in the future...

Presented by Sasho's & Branka's Homepage Also AWE32/64 bank manager software and AWE32/64 Cubase mixermap available.

Featuring GSPanel, a Freeware Win95 panel for control of Roland GS & GM synthesizers (including the RAP-10) from Anders Korsvall.

Windows control panel allows you to control the GI-10 parameters and save & load your configuration.

Free to download but you need to fill in a request form.

Roland US official website with product info, user group details and also check the support pages for software, OS & driver updates.

Also provides online product documentation and Turbo Starts for many synths.

Older documents may be found at this archive of Roland's website.

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