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These additions bring our total number of non-redundant interactions to 1,111,552, raw interactions to 1,421,025, non-redundant chemical associations to 11,820, raw chemical associations to 27,785, Unique PTM Sites to 19,981, and Un-Assigned PTMs to 18,578.For a more comprehensive breakdown of our numbers, check out our latest interaction statistics. The Bio GRID's curated set of physical and genetic interactions has been updated to include interactions, chemical associations, and post-translational modifications (PTM) from 58,254 publications.

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If you want see update your graph in Plotly 2.0, visit this page to see how easy it is!

Plotly offers free, online tools for analyzing data and making graphs. You can update an existing graph as your data changes.

It consists of quadratic grid cells that jointly cover all terrestrial areas of the world.

Each grid cell contains cell-specific information on armed conflicts, socio-economic conditions, ethnic groups, physical attributes, climatic conditions and more.In this tutorial we’ll show you how to update your grids and plots with new data. When you update your graph using the steps below, the embedded graph will automatically update as well. There are two different options for updating your plots. 1) Create your initial dataset and make a new plot, then save the plot.Note that in both cases you have to save your newly modified grid to update your plot, and you still have to open and close the plot to see the changes. If you uploaded your dataset from a file, the grid will have the same name as the file that you uploaded. Please see: org - PRIO-GRID v.2.0 due for release, this fall, with updated time coverage, additional physical and socio-economic variables, as well as a new data portal for simplified download procedures - PRIO-GRID v.1.01 released.Please cite: Access the article here The PRIO-Grid data set is a spatio-temporal grid structure constructed to aid the compilation, management and analysis of spatial data within a time-consistent framework.Please feel free to suggest spatial data you would like to see included in the PRIO-GRID. dta Remember that the CSV files will increase when unpacked.

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