bow wow angela simmons dating - The miz and maryse dating 2016

"Unfortunately we're not gonna get you up and rollin' for probably like three more weeks. Brie Learns She's Not Pregnant: Even though Brie Bella's home pregnancy tests have been saying she's not pregnant, she's two weeks late on her period, which she says "never" happens.

Well there's a reason behind all of our madness…if you're gonna be out for three to four weeks, we might as well put you in a movie.""Me?! So she decided to go to her doctor and take a blood test to see if she really is pregnant.

That ally is his current manager, Maryse, who has been instrumental in solidifying his Hollywood royalty gimmick and has also helped Miz throughout his 190 days Intercontinental Championship run.

He recently lost the Intercontinental belt at No Mercy to Dolph Ziggler only after she was exiled from the ring, so that tells you how important she's become.

WWE posted a tweet yesterday that seems to indicate an upcoming split (via Ring Side News).

Then, Maryse told The Miz that she had purchased a house without consulting him, which made him even more upset."The market is really good right now, I know what I'm doing, you just need to trust me but it's really hard for you to trust me right now," Maryse said on the episode."Yeah," The Miz replied. Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more OMG moments from this episode of 1.

Trinity Lands a Movie Role: While talking to Mark Carrano, the VP of talent relations for WWE, Trinity Fatu learns some exciting news."You are frustrated with creative, I know that because we're not doing much," Carrano tells Trinity.

On the episode, Maryse made some purchases behind her husband The Miz's back, and he wasn't happy when he found out.

First, Maryse adopted a dog without telling her husband, who had told her previously that he didn't want more animals.Also in attendance was fellow wrestler The Miz with his wife Maryse Ouellet.It was just announced that John has signed a deal with Leftfield Entertainment to develop an unscripted television project.on Wednesday (July 13) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.The 39-year-old WWE wrestler is hosting the show this year.Marsye is now living in Los Angeles, California along with her spouse.

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