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Both pleaded guilty to the murder and, as part of their plea deals, testified against Waterman in Juneau. On Wednesday, before jurors entered the courtroom, Arrant, now 31, refused an order of Judge William Carey to testify again.

While not native to Alaska, the Humbolt flying squirrel’s territory does overlap with another flying squirrel breed that does inhabit Alaska – the northern flying squirrel. More - There are only six fluent speakers of the Tsimshian language, Sm’algyax, left in Alaska. “I try not to dwell on those numbers because I feel like, just within this class we have 20 people, most of whom are from our state who are dedicating their lives to Sm’algyax,” said Mique’l Dangeli, who carries the Tsimshian name Sm Łoodm ‘Nüüsm.

“It’s not just about how many fluent speakers we have left but it’s about how many newer people are dedicating their lives to our language.” Dangeli, an assistant professor in Alaska Native studies at University of Alaska Southeast, worked in conjunction with the campus to organize a five-day Sm’algyax grammar and language workshop in Juneau with fluent speaker Velna Nelson and linguist Margaret Anderson, from British Columbia, to help educate learners of the Tsimshian language. More - It's not often an ecologist gets to play sleuth in so adventurous a fashion—picking through musty papers in the Midwest for 100-year-old hand-drawn maps that lead through dense Alaskan underbrush populated by wolves and brown bears.

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He riveted jurors with more than five hours of testimony about how and why in 2004 the two friends murdered the mother of Arrant's girlfriend, a 16-year-old with whom Radel also had a brief fling.

Both men were 24 at the time of the killing near Craig, in Southeast Alaska.

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The first trial, in Juneau in 2006, ended with a hung jury.

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