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Team is the next evolution in Online Dating - a website created for you to meet people the way you meet people in your normal lives..your friends.

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instant gratification "[On Craigslist] you don't have to go through some approval process-it's instant gratification," said Lisa Skriloff, president of Multicultural Marketing Resources and author of "Men are from Cyberspace," a book on online dating. "They've spent inordinate amounts of time on these sites, and they feel misled." Marketing that says a site can find a person's soul mate without actually delivering has caused "frustration and disenchantment," he said.

"It's quick and easy, and it's drawing traffic away from the more traditional sites." Ray Doustdar, president of a six-month-old site called Team Dating.com, said people have become disillusioned with traditional dating sites that promise matches based on compatibility tests and other mathematical algorithms. Jupiter Research backs that opinion, saying that barely one-third of users reported being very satisfied or satisfied with online personals sites. Doustdar's site aims to address the wasted-time issue, along with safety concerns, by matching up groups of friends with other groups of friends. "We're trying to be the anti-scientific approach." One of the few traditional sites to see growth has been three-year-old Perfect Match.com, which has relied heavily on product integration and cross-promotions with Hollywood entertainment to build awareness and membership.

CNNMoney has an article about the marketing approach one dating site called Team took to get free publicity.

This was all done without hiring a PR firm or consultant.

He spends over 90% of his work day dealing with marketing his dating service.

He knows where his customers are and who to contact to get a story out.

Ray Doustdar has intrigued me ever since I saw him on TV this past weekend and emailed him.

Not only did he email me back a seriously inspirational clip about staying hungry and foolish, Ray said he'd maybe love to meet me the next time he stops thru Cleveland. Let me give you the backstory that first caught my attention.

Instead of just going out alone or in pairs, a bunch of people -- roughly equal numbers of each sex -- engage in a social activity together.

One group of three or four friends meets up with another.

Group-dating plays to the tastes of a generation that's become disillusioned with Internet dating sites, particularly the lies that users tell about themselves online; the futile process of trying to meet people at bars; and blind dates that feel like job interviews.

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