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Fortunately, the ABC soap finally did, creating a brand new character for Easton to play.

In an upcoming interview with , Easton shares his excitement about being back in the “GH” fold.

Easton returned to GH in May 2013 as a new character, Dr. Agent Mc Bain arrives in fictional Llanview, Pennsylvania on October 1, 2003, looking to recruit Natalie Buchanan (Melissa Archer) for a pool tournament in Las Vegas, as part of an undercover operation.

He noted that this isn’t a done deal, but a certain actor’s future is definitely in jeopardy.

Of course, it’s possible that this could be firing instead of a willing departure.

General Hospital spoilers explain the fan outrage over Michael Easton’s departure and as if TPTB at GH will bring Silas Clay back from the dead?

We all know that Ron Carlivati’s ousting at General Hospital was way overdue, but since GH shoots scenes several weeks to more than a month in advance, the question is – when will the Carlivati chaos end?

But will the new writers bring back the beloved doc?

Based on Silas being face down on the floor, not moving and with a bloody stab wound in the back, it’s not likely.

But when Prospect Park's plans fell through, Easton signed a contract with GH, making his debut on March 13, 2012.

When several former Port Charles characters & actors were brought to GH, writers revisited the vampire storyline, and Easton started to play a dual role of John and an adaptation of his PC character Caleb Morley on GH in February 2013.

Maybe this is about the storylines he’s receiving or just a desire to pursue other opportunities.

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