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Because of the wide range or accepted human behavior in a diverse society, this type of intimidation usually requires an ongoing pattern of both a type of behavior and a refusal to modify the behavior when a complaint is expressed in an appropriate way (see below).

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If you think workplace bullying doesn’t affect some of your employees, you're mistaken. Rarely can bullying be identified based on one action, but rather a pattern of actions over a long period of time.

Rather, it’s often subtle, slow, and insidious mistreatment that passes over the radar screen.

To determine whether a work environment is hostile, EEOC investigators look at the following factors.

It is not, however, just one of these factors that sways a workplace harassment case.

If you feel that you are being harassed in the workplace but are not sure what categories of behavior you should report, define what is happening and what category of harassment or intimidation the behavior fits: You have every right to expect that you not be physically threatened in the work place.

This includes all forms of physical intimidation, but the most serious of these, which is usually cause for immediate action by an employer, is purposeful acts designed to make your physical environment uncomfortable.In determining whether a behavior falls into this category, it may also be necessary to consider whether your awareness of the behavior is a necessary part of your workplace activity.An offensive photo displayed on a desktop is a public display, but one tucked inside the drawer of a desk used by only one party may be considered to be a privacy matter.This type of legal claim is very much based on the specific circumstances involved and there is no one test to determine if a hostile situation was created.Generally, a hostile work environment can only be proven if the harassment is ongoing and severe, otherwise the issue can be addressed using other legal remedies for sexual harassment.While any number of behaviors might create a hostile work environment, any conduct or actions that create an environment in which an employee dreads going to work is generally seen to create such a setting.

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