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Google My Business now shows whether customers found a business via search or Google Maps and breaks down actions customers are taking by website visits, driving direction requests, phone calls, or photos.

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Review your most recent campaigns, including email newsletters, online surveys, event registration pages, and more — all from one place.

You’ll see the results of your most recent campaign, right at the top of the homepage.

After updating the version, build your app again and download the new Android Package file (APK) that represents your updated application.

When a designer updates a theme in the Shopify Theme Store with bug fixes and added features, those changes are not automatically added to your own theme.

Now is a great time to reflect on your recent accomplishments and add them to your resume. Find Your Passion Make sure your resume instantly communicates your career target with a descriptive headline (e.g., "CPA Backed by Corporate Audit Experience") and adequately reflects your depth and breadth of experience in a brief, hard-hitting opening summary highlighting your top selling points.

Arm yourself with an updated, high-octane resume, and this could be the year that you land a better job.

Our recent changes reflect an easier workflow and sleeker, streamlined experience so you can navigate easily from task to task.

The updated homepage will give you a more comprehensive look at your recent marketing activities.

The description will still be editable through Google , but with the way the rest of the company has been distancing itself from its social platform, that’s likely not to stick around for long.

Additionally, though it got lost in the shuffle a bit, when they removed the descriptions they also removed the following sections from their bulk upload form: In a separate announcement, Google also removed Google metrics from their dashboard, instead providing more detailed metrics around the source of views to your GMB profile.

Every day, you look for ways to improve your business to give your customers the best experience possible. Change is a daily occurrence in the fast-paced world of marketing; and while the best practices of today may not hold true tomorrow, we continue to make product updates to get you the best results possible.

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