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If you've ever spent anytime actually living in Chicago, New York, quite obvious the mentality of not helping the police, and don't trick on people.

Imagine if every citizen did that for each other, how great the US would be. or someone else, was just looking for a more or less original and clever way of ending the car chase and letting Jack Reacher get away.

Ralphie's actual house from A Christmas Story with the Leg Lamp in the window.

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who regularly counsels billionaire CEOs on their biggest decisions.

Robbins entered the pop culture zeitgeist in 2001 when he appeared in the Farrelly Brothers comedy "Shallow Hal." We asked Robbins to tell us the backstory on how his memorable role in the movie came to be.

So far, this year’s Coachella is all about the cameo.

Two and a half days into the festival, Disclosure’s brought out Lorde and Sam Smith, Zhu’s had legendary hip-hop outfit Bone Thugs ‘n’ Harmony and Zedd’s recruited Ke$ha to sing on – there would be no big ‘moment’ for Jack Ü fans.

Benjamin “Bob” Clark began making independent low-budget features as a writer/director with the transvestite comedy The She Man in 1967, and is fondly remembered for his horror films of the early ’70s, made with writer/actor Alan Ormsby: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Deathdream.

Clark also won admiration for his Sherlock Holmes film Murder By Decree, scripted by John Hopkins.

Being from a big city like Pittsburgh, most people have had a run in with a police officer now and again.

(Think Stop and Frisk in New York) The police do not have the credibility they once had, and big cities know the corruption that has overrun the police.

Jack Off Jill are an American riot grrrl band from Ft.

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