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I tried all my standard tantrums, but still somehow found myself outside Five Guys at 10pm on a Saturday humouring a pep talk from an employee in a red baseball cap about placing my order.Five Guys lies on that corner in Long Acre that used to be Bar 38.It’s the sort of place Bruce Springsteen pops into in Baltimore in ‘Hungry Heart’, after going out for a ride and never going back.

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Last week I was going through a box and came across a stack of sticky notes.

Each one had a sweet message my husband had written to me while we were dating.

This video shows the owner of a white car dousing a dent with scalding water from a saucepan.

Quite why he was not wearing any shoes is not known.

And other people insist on pouring cold water on the material after it has returned to the original shape to cool it down.

If you are still left with scratches after your prang, there are lots of other useful hacks out there for covering them over.

He had my roommate let him in and secretly put them up all over my apartment while I was busy at work.

Seeing these notes brought back a flood of great memories!

Vous allez avoir accès tout de suite à un paquet de conseils et d’astuces pour rencontrer, séduire et conclure avec de très jolies ladyboys.

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