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21 percent of the population are a large sub-group called the Gurma as well as Konkomba.

Most of the inhabitants in the northern region belong to the Moshi-Dagomba or to the Gonja group.

The personal exemptions for Canadian residents have been increased effective June 1, 2012.

Use a foreign exchange converter to change foreign currencies into Canadian dollars.

The personal exemption for returning Canadian residents depends on the length of time you have been outside Canada.

And a map, hand drawn by one of the colonists, portrays the Colony through the eyes of those who lived there.

PBS Interactive History: Colonial Life: EXCELLENT interactive activities which allow you to explore the Colonial Era PBS Interactive History: Meet the Colonists: Click on the pictures to learn more about individual colonists and their lives Colonization of the Americas: EXTENSIVE historical background about the settlers who came to America and their early settlements complete with photographs and images.

This collection is envisioned as a tool and a resource that can be used by teachers, researchers, students, and the general public - in brief, anyone interested in the experiences of Africans who were enslaved and transported to the Americas and the lives of their descendants in the slave societies of the New World.

Colonial Currency: Examples of currency; Colonies/ States are listed in alphabetical order Colonial and Continental Currency: The complete story, important facts and information History of Colonial Money: The complete story; important facts and information Wikipedia: Early American Currency: History and Images Colonial Williamsburg Slide Shows: The history of the early colonists and colonies presented in various slide shows with pictures and facts Comparison of Colonial Life to Today's Life: Information about the Plymouth Plantation; The Pilgrims; Education; Vocabulary Words For Colonial America Have Fun with History: Colonial America: American colonial life existed just shy of 180 years before the United States of America emerged as a nation independent of British rule.

You will still have to pay duties, taxes and any provincial/territory assessments on the value of goods above your personal exemption.

Children, even babies, are entitled to a personal exemption.

These formative years are reflected with free streaming videos from Have Fun with History.

Topic included: Colonial Williamsburg: Travelogue PBS Colonial Life Media Gallery: EXCELLENT!

The Northern Region is the largest area of Ghana, But it is not the most densely populated area of Ghana.

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