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in 2014 Location Carnival of the animals by Saint Saens at Arts Fest 2014 Date: Sunday, April 6 2014 at 2 p.m.Location: Schrott Center, Indianapolis, IN ( 610 West 46th St.) Tickets: Adults / Seniors / Students .50 Information: Chamber music concert in Chicago Date: Monday, March 24th at 8 p.m.Academy' s Best Pianist Fund-raising Concerts - 50 Top Pianists The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Click for details Date: 3 & 4 July, 2010 Venue: Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall Time: 3 July & pm Time: 4 July & pm Chuan-yun Li Violin Recital Pianist Wai Cheng Hong Kong University Faculty of Dentistry Silver Jubilee Concert Presented by Tom Lee Music Foundation 30th Anniversary Date: 15 November, 2007 Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Concert Hall Time: pm Violin Recital by John Lam Pianist Wai Cheng Yip's Talents' Strings, Concert XLIIIPresented by Yip' s Children' s Choir Date: 2 August, 2007Venue: Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong Time: pm Violin Recital by Moses Chan Pianist Wai Cheng Yip's Talents' Strings, Concert XLIIPresented by Yip' s Children' s Choir Date: 1 July, 2007Venue: Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong Time: pm REVIEW "Eight Memories in Watercolor played by Wai Cheng is even better than what I have composed." Tan Dun, Famous Chinese Composer, 8 January 2010 "Cheng Wai is admired for her exquisite musicianship.

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at the Juilliard gala, on April 29—not to mention winding up his master’s degree (he studies with Matti Raekallio) and preparing for his graduation recital, on April 14. I just got a really dark Dominican coffee from Fairway and it smells awesome. My favorite breakfast: Life cereal, coffee, and a protein shake.

He recounted the events of February 27, the last Thursday before spring break. Thursday is the one day of the week when I can snooze a bit, so I do—for a while. I’m currently using Whey to Go brand powder—I admit I’m a sucker for puns. After a brisk walk to Juilliard, I head to the Writing Center to clear up a few scheduling issues, then dash across the hall into a practice room—it’s technically for voice students only, but I’m feeling rebellious and I need to glance over some material for my appointment in 27 minutes. I’m upstairs in the library’s media room, meeting two students who are in Professor [Edward] Klorman’s (B. ’04, Graduate Diploma ’08, ) Teaching Music Theory course. I settle down into one of Juilliard’s awesome new keyboard labs to hold two hours of walk-in office hours for Theory II students who are writing three-voice fugue expositions. I grab a beer from the fridge, and Kara and I settle down for a couple of episodes of —we’ve gotten a bit behind, and there is nothing like some zombie gore at the end of a long day. After a quick review of tomorrow’s schedule and a couple of last-minute emails, it’s time for bed.

By the age of 6, young Liszt was recognized as a child prodigy; by the age of 8, he was composing elementary works; and by the age of 9, he was appearing in concerts.

His father worked as a secretary for Prince Nicholas Esterhazy, and, after the boy played for a group of wealthy sponsors, he asked the prince for extended leave so he could devote his time to enriching his son's musical education.

Watts remained with his mother, whom he credits with considerable influence in his development.

She worked to support herself and young Andre, first as a secretary and later as a receptionist in an art gallery.

He is an African American concert pianist, and the first Black concert pianist to achieve international super stardom.

He was Born in Nuremburg, Germany, the son of an African American career soldier, Sergeant Herman Watts, and a Hungarian mother, Maria Alexandra Gusmits.

At the time, he loved to play but hated to practice.

When his habit persisted, his mother began relaying stories of her countryman, pianist, and composer Franz Liszt, emphasizing the fact that he practiced faithfully.

Beech Grove, IN) Tickets: (In advance only) See the link below Guest Artist Series at Anderson University Date: Thursday, Sep 26th 2013 at p.m.

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